B2B Webshop


If you are a new customer, you click ‘register’ right on top of the page.
You register as a new client and fill in your contact details.

As soon as we have received your registration, we will verify your account. Once approved you will receive an e-mail to activate your account.


Once your account has been activated, you can ‘login’ and see more product information than if you were not logged in.  

In addition, you are now able to place orders by following the next steps:
- Select color
- Fill in the amount
- Press ‘add to shopping cart’


Once you have selected all the desired items, we go to ‘cart’ right on top of the page.

We go through the following steps:
- Cart: an overview of all products ordered
- Addres/delivery: choose which type of delivery (currently the only choice is by courier)
- Method of payment: choose the type of payment (currently the only choice is by invoice)
- Control: overview of delivery address, invoice address and selected products


If you go to 'my ediva' right on top of the page, you can find an overview of all your orders.