Privacy Policy



1.1. Ediva NV is careful with your personal information. We do everything to ensure the reliability, security and integrity of the data we collect.
We protect your privacy in the following ways:

• Your personal information will not be shared, sold or transferred to third parties. We only transfer them to third parties that are involved in processing your order (such as the courier company).
• Your data is safely stored in a non-public database.
• Your transaction data is sent encrypted.
• If you have given us your phone number, you will only be contacted by our company if necessary to inform you about orders or questions asked.
• If you give us your mobile phone number via the web, you will only receive text messages (SMS / MMS / ed) from our company if necessary to inform you about orders or questions asked.

1.2. The forms on our website will always indicate which fields are required and which are optional.

If you place an order with Ediva NV we can ask the following data:
• Your company name, name, address and telephone number. This information is used to handle the delivery of your product correctly.
• Your e-mail address so we can keep you informed of your order.

1.3. In case of errors in the address, billing or other personal information, Ediva can not be held responsible for the inability to fulfill its obligations (eg delivery or reporting). You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password associated with your user profile.
Our company may use consumer information for new purposes that have not been covered by our privacy policy. In that case, we will contact you before using your data for these new purposes.